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Level up your e-commerce game with our gamification solution that drives engagement, boosts conversions, and increases profits.

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Our software is going to skyrocket your store's performance and grow your email list like never before! Forget about the boring discount pop-ups and say hello to a solution that is designed to hook your customers and get them to spend more. Currently available for Shopify and WooCommerce.

Boost Your Bottom Line

In the highly competitive e-commerce landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. With Engamez you to do just that, by increasing customer engagement through gamification and creating more loyal customers in the process. Returning customers = more profit for you!

Boost Your Bottom Line

Why Engamez?

Our app reimagines traditional 'spin the wheel' mechanics with modern, luck-based games that are proven to captivate and engage users!

Why Engamez?

Games that Drive Results!

Our app is designed to drastically increase the sense of winning a prize which results in your customers being far more likely to actually use their winning coupon code. With mechanics that drive your customers to return to your store on a daily basis and even refer friends your sales will skyrocket.

Games that Drive Results!

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Here's a sneak peek into one of our games.

Say goodbye to predictable spin-the-wheel mechanics. With Plinko, customers drop a ball into a pyramid, creating anticipation as it bounces and lands in one of the reward buckets.

Tokenomics for Enhanced Loyalty

Take your gamification strategy to the next level with our token system! Have your customers refer friends, spend more and then decide how they want to cash-in their loyalty! Coming soon.

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