Want to Get Free Robux? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Hey, if you come over here then you might be looking for free Robux right? Yeah, that’s why you’re on this page. First of all, let me tell you one thing that I’ve noticed which is every second Roblox player looking for free Robux to purchase any of their favorite things and virtual goods in the game.

If you’re also one of the users who is searching for some things and brainstorming with those uncleared doubts regarding Robux like…

Is it true? Can I really get Robux for free? Is there any way to earn free Robux? and other lots of similar questions about this thing.

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You need not to worry about this anymore, and giving the stress to your mind about the Robux leave out all the rest on us. In this post, we’re gonna clear all your doubts about can you really get Free Robux and kinda questions. Moreover, we will also share some other ways to get Robux in the Roblox game so you can easily enjoy stuff that you wanted to have.

What are Robux?

Before we move towards the ways to get Robux, let me first tell you what is the Robux? why people are mad to acquire it? what’s the use of Robux?

Basically Robux is the in-game currency that is used to purchase things and virtual goods from the market place in the Roblox game. Roblox is a very popular online game creation platform that allows the users to play the game created by other users. Similiar you can create your own game so other users can play in it.

Roblox has a vast selection of game genre, you can play many categories from racing to RPG or Simulation to obstacle courses.

So, what are they use for?

Besides purchasing the virtual goods and kinda stuff from the in-game store, Robux allows the player to create the game passes and join other games created by various users. You can do a lot more things in the game with Robux. Remember Robux are different from the Roblox promo codes, but the aim is the same. Check out the Working Roblox promo codes to acquire the free accessories and cosmetics items in your inventory.

Things you need to know before you get Free Robux

Let’s come to your main concern about getting free Robux money in the Roblox game. Here’re some points I mentioned after researching for hours on the internet come to the conclusion i.e.


You can’t get Robux for free. Yeah, its true no one can get free Robux. There’s no way to get the game currency for free that is only available to purchase from the real money. The company has already stated on their official page that you can’t acquire the Robux without spending the real money.

Perhaps you’re now sad and your excitement turned into disappointment. But wait, we won’t let you go from this page without giving you something.

No worries 🙂 you can still get free Robux but in a legit way not from the third-party apps/sites that are actually scamming the users at the name free Robux. We have genuine ways to earn free Robux are listed below.

Get Free Robux From Roblox’s Affiliate Program

If you don’t know, Roblox has an affiliate program that gives you the free Robux when you sign up for a new player via your affiliate link. It’s just like affiliate marketing you’ll get the Robux as the commission reward and that’s a very easy way to earn free Robux without spending a penny. For more details on how to get started with Affiliate Program refer to this article.

Create you own game

As Roblox allows you to create your own custom game and other player can play it. But you that you can earn the Robux from your own custom made game? Yes if your game get popular and played by lots of users.

Roblox provides the game creation platform that doesn’t require the coding, you can make your own game and you need to be as creative as possible in order to make a popular game. For an example of popular Roblox games are obstacle courses.

There are a bunch of other games available in the catalog you can do reverse engineering on them and get an idea of what you need to create so that other players would love to play it. There are many helpful guides available on YouTube that help you to create the best game in Roblox.

Selling Game Passes For Robux

Another way to earn some Robux for free without spending real money. Suppose your game is ready and already it is played by lots of players across the server. So, you can make it their purchase. You can seel the game pass of your own game to other players who want to play your game.

Game passes are free to create. Then you can sell them for the amount of Robux you choose.

Join Roblox Membership

The last method to get some Robux in your Account. Unlike other ways tis one required you to spend money on purchasing the membership account of Roblox.

In this you need to have a premium Roblox membership then you get access to special stuff that is not available for the regular players. Moreover, you can receive the Robux Stipends with this membership. Also, you can sell, buy, and trade the item in the market place that’s also a great thing about the Premium membership.

So we recommend you to consider joining the membership and get access to all cool stuff to get most out of it. The pricing of the membership accounts shown in the image above.

Some Final Words

As we all know there’s nothing is free in this world, everything has some cost either it’s a job, exchanging something, or real money. So the purpose of this post was to make you aware of is it possible to get free Robux if yes then how?

You may see many things that claim to get free Robux around the internet, but they are nothing but the delegitimize things. So, always try to avoid such things and keep your account safe from being stolen. Hopefully, still you get some genuine ways to get Free Robux within the game, if you liked this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

If you any questions feel free to ask in comments and subscribe to Engamez.com for more useful Roblox guides just like this one, till then stay tuned.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments for Armor, Melee, & Ranged Weapon

Our guide to Best Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment helps you familiarize all items that can be enchanted in the new title Minecraft Dungeons. In this, we’re covering the best enchantments that help you to get the most out of the game.

The complete list of the enhancements to use on the weapons both Melee and Ranged and also Armor. If you have also played Minecraft for a very long time that might know about how enchantment can be useful to run in the game, However, if you’re playing Minecraft nowadays, we also have a guide for Best Enchantments list for Minecraft you can check this one later.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

So as we told you that, we compiled this list of enchantments according to their power and ability so your weapons like Bow, Mechanical ShortBow, Hammer and etc get powerful than usual. Also enchanting the Armor makes you more protective to reduce the damage when the mobs attack you.

Best Melee Weapon Enchantments

The best enchantment sfor close battle action. Get ready with your favourite melee weapons to add the more power and make them incrdebily versatiyl with these enhacntments.


Sharpness is the best enchantment for the Melee weapons. It makes your weapon more sharper that cause more damage to enemy. The tier of this enchantment can increase effectiveness of your weapon by 10% / 21% / 33%.

Using an axe can deal more damage on the top tier that can deal up to 33% damage. This will give you the more power to attack the enemy regardless of on which direction you swing an axe or in a zigzag manner. Sharpness is good when you’re in the fight with tons of mobs.


When you’re in combat with the cluster of mobs, Chains enchantment has the ability to bound them together for a short time. It is helpful for controlling the mobs’ group.

Melee player can get more benefits from this enchantment if is tanking type build the duration of the Chain increase 1, 2 to 3 seconds.


Looting increase the chance of the mobs to drop the consumables items. So if you also want loot while fighting with the mobs, then this enchanting works well. Not you but your whole group can get benefit from those consumable.

The tier of Looting enchantment varies or increases the chances of dropping the loot from 100%, 200% to 300%.


Another best enchntment for the Melee weapons and it works well while you’re in middle of the battle. Weakning reduces the attack damage of the all nearby enemeies for the five seconds when you attack on them.

This means when you attack your enemies this enchantment reduces the damage you get from enemies by 20%, 30%, and 40%.

We recommend you to always use the top level of this enchantment as it reduces the nearly half of the attack damage of the enemy.

Fire Aspect

If you want an easy damage that cause health loss of mobs then Fire Aspect enchantment works well. This enchantmesnt will sets mobs on fire for the 3 seconds and dealing the damage over time.

You just need to attack mobs once and watch them around burning in the fire. The damage deals with this enchantment depend upon per second. For instance, X damage per second and it can be increased up to a large level.

Best Ranged Weapon Enchantments

The ranged weapons are best for action in the large space battleground regardless of where are you shooting. Just take care of your aim and these enchantments will help you in the fight.


The infinity is the top enchantment for Ranged weapons and it can be enchanted on the Bows. You might have used Infinity enchantment on Bows in Orginal Minecraft, where you’ll get the chance to restock the arrows after shooting.

The same thing Infinity does in the Minecraft Dungeons. It gives the chance to replenish an arrow after the shooting which results in arrows that will last much longer. You’ll no need to worry much about the arrow supplies once you enchanted your bow with Infinity. The chance of arrow not being used from 16%, 32%, and 48% using Infinity.

Fuse Shot

This enchantment offers few shots that have a timed charge that explodes one second after impact, dealing 100% damage to nearby mobs.

The Fuse shot works well with the other enchantment especially the Infinity that generated the arrows. If you have a crossbow then it insanely works well and gives the 100%d damage to nearby mobs. The Fuse shot triggers every 5th, 4th, and 3rd shot.


A bow can be more powerful if enchant it with Power enchantment. This can be incredibly robust as it directly gives damage to the enemy. This enchantment boosts the arrow damage.

The level of damage starts from 10% and it increases to 21% and lastly 33%. The maximum level is recommended to deal maximum damage.


Another enhancement from the Minecraft that you can use in the Minecraft Dungeons. Multishot as its name suggests, you’ll be able to fire 5 arrows at once. This one is good for long-range firing on the cluster of mobs that deals the more damage when you fire once.

It grants the chance fire 5 arrows at once with tier you’ll get the 20%, 30%, and 40% chance of activating this enchantment.


This is another solid choice in the best Minecraft Enchantments. The reason for having Piercing in this list you to help you to enchant your weapons and make them as powerful as possible. The Piercing allows the arrows to fly through the multiple mobs.

When you fire an arrow sometimes this will gain the piercing effect, which allows them to give the damage to mobs where it flies through. The tier of the Piercing to give effect on every 3rd, 2nd, and finally every arrow.

Best Armor Enchantments

The armor enchantments are the life savior in Minecraft Dungeons. Make sure to enchant your armor, vest, helmet before entering the fight with the mobs. The best practices make you your team win game. The more you dodge the damage the higher will be the time you’ll survive in the battle and fight in the game.

Like the Weapons Enchantments, there’re tons of enchantments available for the Armor too. Sometimes it’s’ becomes tough for players to how to make their character more strong that can quickly refute the damage.

So here we’ve curated this list best Minecraft Dungeons Armor enchantments for a quick selection that you can use the become strong in the game.


A kind of shield added to your player that can reduce the damage taken from the enemies. This is the must-have enchantment on your armor you can save your health during fighting with mobs and it also helps in long survival in the game.

The best practice to deal with more damage is also to negate the damage as much as possible. The Protection enchantment levels reduce the damage by 6% also rise to 11% and lastly followed by 15%.


This will be throwing a blast on the mobs once every second. Snowball enchantment is useful when you’re fighting with powerful mobs, you can throw this blast on them so your enemy gets damage with distraction and you can deal more damage.

The lowest level of Snowball starts from the 5 seconds means you can throw the blast at the enemy every 5 seconds and this will rise to 3 seconds in tier 2 of the enchantment and finally the top level is 1 second. This is a very useful enchantment that you can for dealing more damage on the powerful mobs and also it will be fun seeing throwing the snowball blast on them gives you feel like winter season.

Final Shout

When your health drops below the 25% then Final Shout uses the all artifact regardless of reaching the cooldown time.

You must have the artifacts in order to see the effect of this enchantment, it might be risky but also gives you enough health to survive in the battle and kill the mobs.


If you love to roam around the dungeons in the game then this enchantment would be the best choice of yours. Also, you’ll gain a small amount of health roaming around the dungeons.

The tier of Explorer enchantment starts from 0.3%, 0.7%, and 1% health regained. That’s a very small amount but still, it’s better than gaining nothing.


This enchantment is est reducing the speed of enemies this will help you to target the perfect aim and fire at good accuracy. As its name suggests it freezes your enemy from being moved for a few seconds.

Sometimes you may get caught among the cluster of mobs then this enchantment work well in this situation. It a great idea to freeze the mobs around you and ran away from there if you think it seems hard to kill all of them.

The level of Chilling in lowest reduces the speed of mobs reduces to 20% it rise to -40% and followed by -60% reduced speed. So overall it’s a good armor enchantment for the situation like above.

I hope you liked this list of Minecraft Dungeons’ best Enchantment. Picking the best enchantments always been a headache in Minecraft and now in Minecraft Dungeons as well. However, you make the selection from the huge list but some players don’t have an idea for what situation an enchantment would be best.

That’s why we’ve showers everything you need to know about enchant in this guide. If this guide helped do share with your friends and fellow Minecraft Players and make the best group out of the box.

How to Unlock 57 Leaf Clover in Risk of Rain 2

As the company rolling out the new update in the Risk of Rain 2, there’ll be more items and equipment we get to see in the game. These items upgrades as the player goes more further in the game. This scales those items that your character is using. Over 70+ items are available in the game that players can use to immortalize their character in the single run. If you’re our regular reader then you must have known we love to try out the different items in the game. We already covered the best Lunar items that you can put on your character to enhance his power and become dominant in the game. Today we’re gonna share a more beneficial item i.e 57 Leaf Clover in Risk of Rain 2.

This Engamez’s guide helps you know more about the 57 Leaf Clover. This is the unlockable rare item in ROR 2. As it visually defines the same as the 56 Leaf clover but the working and the benefits you’ll get from it are quite different.

57 Leaf Clover in Risk of Rain 2

The 57 leaf Clover is a special ROR2 item getting it isn’t an easy task. This one helps in rolling the effects of all random effects by incremental per stack times for a favorable outcome. In other words, the 57 Leaf clover affects random effects. If a proc isn’t achieved in one roll, then it will be rolled once again it repeats until it reaches the numbers of player that has clovers. So this is the short intro regarding 57 Leaf Clover how it functions. To get more deep in this and know what does 57 Leaf Clover do? and how to get it? We split this guide on how to unlock this item to get this in your logbook.

What Does 57 Leaf Clover Do?

Now the major concern for you about this item is how you can equip it? Well, we’ll also tell you how do you unlock it, but before we acquire it, let’s know what it will do for you? and how beneficial it would be? Because before putting efforts into getting something we must know that is it worth it.

Let’s say you got this Clover item and it is now available in your inventory. So this item will help in this way. If you’re using any item to do some sort of attack or any proc that you want to achieve and if somehow or unfortunately the proc ain’t get successful, then 57 Leaf clover helps you give another chance to second attempt with that item in order to get a favorable outcome.

And if the Proc achieved successfully in the first attempt then the 57 Leaf Clover won’t activate as it doesn’t need.


If the item succeeds in first roll, the clover will not activate.

Like other items have stacks on the Risk of Rain 2 that help in if you have a list of character then you can assign those items to your every character. Similarly, 57 Leaf Clover also does have a stack. Every clover present in the stack, you’ll have the same number of rolls.

The number of clovers you have = Number of attempts your item can proc.

For instance, suppose you have 3 57 Leaf Clovers in your inventory so your items can roll their attempts three times.

How to Unlock 57 Leaf Clover

Now we know how useful this item is, no doubt 57 Leaf Clover is an incredibly useful item in the Risk of Rain 2, and acquiring it is equally difficult. To get this item in your inventory you have to face go through the very tough challenge in the game.

To unlock the 57 leaf clover you have to complete the 20 stages only in a single run. In this challenge, you have to go through all 20 levels facing the bosses at every level. It is really hard to complete this challenge in the first try. And if failing again and again then it seems pretty impossible to defeat the bosses of all 20 stages.

So in this regard, you first make sure to add and use the items that help you in this challenge. Moreover, you can take the help of your friends by inviting them to complete this challenge in order to get 57 Leaf Clover. If you fight together with your team at every stage then it is more likely to possible to complete all 20 stages in a single run and also you’ll not have to deal with massive mobs all alone.

So this how you can acquire this leaf clover. Hopefully, you’ll get a useful item in your logbook. If you liked this post, share it with your friends and help them out getting this item by joining their team. For more Risk of Rain 2 Guide follow the Engamez on Twitter and Facebook. Till then stay tuned and enjoy ROR2.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide 2020

Shoreline Map Tarkov is the second-largest map that was added to the game. This guide shows the things that you need to know before spawning in the Shoreline map, as this map is the larger one than other so it is recommended to study first before you get into battle.

The Shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov gives players to many places to loot, weapons, and the several extraction points. The location is set in the outskirts of the Tarkov featuring the village, agricultural fields, beaches, and more other places. As it is the largest map of the game, it has the save to fight with you and there are around 10 players roam in the map for battle.

Some other maps like Woods are smaller than this one. If you want briefly explained the map, you can check our Woods Map Guide also to ensure in case you’d missed anything there.

Shoreline Map Tarkov Guide

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline 3D Map

The main theme of the shoreline map is the RESORT. The 3-floor building in the middle of the map, an incredibly great place for the loots and items. But also dangerous as the many players also there for the loots and hanging around there.

The Resort falls on the east-west wing side of the map and there’re also other major regions like a power plant, Villa and estates, Gas Station, Marine, Scav Island, Weather station, Downton, and Marina. The Radio Tower near the power station is good for the Sniping position. Be careful while you go for these areas as the players are already at the high places for sniping.

Spawn Points

PMC Spawn points in the Shoreline Tarkov map lies along the boundaries of the map and these are widespread across all directions of boundaries. As there are many spawn points across the map so you might be spawned likely on the east and west side of the map and some of the lucky ones might get spawned in the middle of the map i.e near the Resort.

Extraction Points

The extraction points in the map can be approached through the coast road. As the 2 major extracts points are located at the end of the road so it easy to find both the extract point just go along the road on both sides. Some other extracts can be found near the pear boat, Lighthouse, Svetily dead End, and Rock Passage.

The easier way to explore the entire map, just follow the coast road all along or follow the electrical towers, this will lead you to some major place int the Shoreline map.


Shoreline Map Tarkov Guide

The Resort is the 3 Main building connected by the glass walkways. The Resort is the 3-floor building to the east and west wing area split by the theatre building. Both buildings have 3 floors and also have roof access for exiting the building. The roof can be reached by the edge stairs both buildings have the edge stairs.

The best route to reach out the Resort without taking the too long way, if you’re close to the Pier Boat, then follow the straight road side of the river to the middle of the map

Or if you’re not around the pier boat or can’t find the road? then just follow the electrical towers where they are heading towards and it will lead you to the power station, and you can see the Resort building from the power station easily. Just follow the path to the Resort.


One of the good loot locations is to go to the pier boat extract in a multi-story building. There you’ll find a multi-story power station building the scavs hanging around with players over there and might be camping/sniping at the top of the building just look around and make sure no one spot you before you identify them.

The Terminal can find below the Reasor in the middle of the map with the West Wing Key, Loose Loot, Dead Scav, Weapons box, Jacket, and good loot. A bus terminal is a good place for the loot. If you about to leave the Resort area make sure to go Terminal check out there.

Another place for good loot is the island near the tunnel exit but there you’ll find some more scavs there and most probably they might be camping around there so better check for them before crossing.

For further learning the Shoreline Tarkov map watch out this 5-minute video by the NoiceGuy you’ll get everything you need to know as stated in this guide.

So this is a brief explanation fo the Takrov Shoreline map. Hopefully, you’ll get the idea about what things you must know before entering the shoreline. The boss is scavs you must aware while exploring the loots roaming around. We also have a guide for the Interchange map, do check this out if you’ll do the interchange after Shoreline.

I hope you did like this quick guide, if yes then consider it to sharing with your gamer friends and help them to deep dive into the Shoreline map. Also subscribe to engamez.com for more Escape From Tarkov guides, maps, loot locations, points of interest, extraction points, and way more. Till then stay tuned.

Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2020

The Interchange Map Tarkov guide familiarizes you with this entire map. This is another map that was announced for the Escape From Tarkov. This map consisting of the 4 main areas. IDEA, OLI, Goshan, and the last is the remaining area we call it “Common Area” and here we go.

In this guide, we mainly highlight those 4 major areas sets in the huge shopping mall with the 3 main stores (IDEA, OLI, and Goshan), and the rest of the part is “Common Area” in Interchange map. The Takrov Interchange map is a key location for transport in the city featuring the industrial outskirts of the map.

The other map of Escape from Tarkov is pretty easier than this one. Like Woods map is the small area and has not so many places for exit and spawning but the Interchange map is large enough.

EFT Interchange Map Guide

The above map shows all areas of Interchange representing each floor of the shopping mall. The first one showing the top view or satellite view of the Interchange map. The second one is the basement or Mall Parking lot. The third one is the 1st floor of the mall and the last one is the 2nd floor where three major stores are placed. So this guide mainly focusing on the locations for loots, extraction points, spawn & exit points, and weapons.

Let’s take closure to the main area on the map. First, discover some of the exits points in tarkov interchange map.

There are a total of three exit points on this map. Your spawn location matters in exiting the map. If you spawn near to an exit then you’ll escape the map easily. So the first exit falls on the Southeast side of the map. There’s also an Emercom Checkpoint.

The second exit lies around the Railway side. The northwest of the map where you’ll find the railway yard and within this region, you’ll find another PMC exit point. If somehow you got lost in the map then don’t worry, just walk out along the outskirts of the map. Lastly, the third exit is the Car Exit point that also falls in the boundaries of the map.

The Mall Area:

This shopping mall is an extremely huge consisting of 4 parts the central common area of the Mall, IDEA, OLI, and Goshan located on the first floor.

The common area falls under the central part of the mall, to reach this central part of the mall we shall go through other entrances.

IDEA – Furniture Store

IDEA is a furniture store on the first floor of the shopping mall on the north side. You can enter the store from everywhere. To recognize if you’re in the IDEA, you’ll see the BLUE Coloring walls on the interiors of the IDEA furniture store. IDEA has the many loots including the 20 cash register and the other hardware loot.

Goshan – Grocery Store

Goshan is another major store in the huge shopping mall. This is the Grocery store having the coloring of Red Walls having shelf and docks. The dark place where you find the trash burning fire. Goshan has the 27 lootable Cash registers and a lot of food items like tushonkas. Also, you’ll find the many weapon cases inside the grocery store and its warehouse. Therefore the Goshen would be best described for loot and weapons.

OLI – Hardware Store

The Green walls with the same coloring on the shelves and showcases Labeling the “OLI” everywhere on the boards. The incredible place for the hardware spawns with the 18 cash registers. OLI also has the other items including fuel tanks, batteries, and gas analyzers. OLI can be entered through the north entrance of the store.

Common Area – Middle of the Mall

The common area in the middle of these 3 above stores located on the west side. The common area can be identified by the brands and vendors store for Bots, Dino Clothes, Cafe, and other stores. You can also recognize that you’re in a common area you’ll see enough bright place and the storefronts. The second floor of this area can be also identified by the open large floor and escalator.

You’ll also encounter the boss Killa of the Intechacge map in the center of the common area. Keep your eye on the sky blue lightning coming from the open roof holes

Watch this video to better understand the entire map in just 5 minutes!

Interchange MAP BOSS

Killa the boss of the tarkov Interchange map. Killa can be spawn on the Interchange map mainly in the center of the common area of the mall on the first floor mainly near the Kiba stores and escalators. He uses the light machine gun and other severe primary weapons. He’s eagerly waiting until he spots you and never misses a chance to hunt you.

Killa uses the smoke and frag grenades and relentlessly crushes enemies with automatic fire. Kill moved in a zig-zag path to avoid your fire.

Killa is heavily armed with the 6B13 M assault armor (tan) of Level 5 Vest. Be sure if you’ve geared up enough to fight with him otherwise just avoid him or don’t get spotted.